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Advertising your business with presents a unique opportunity to reach an incredibly targeted audience. Readers of love pirates, and they generally love everything to do with pirates – from rum and sailing to pirate books, clothing, and games. And with over 50,000 hits a month*, Bilgemunky Ads get seen!

Current Advertising Opportunities:

  • Rotating Banner Ads (468×60)- These Pay-per-Click ads appear at the top of nearly every page throughout They alternate randomely as visitors surf through the site, and can be viewed an infinite number of times at no cost. Cost per click is $0.25. Advertisers can set a monthly ceiling to keep from going over budget.
  • Static Skyscraper Ad (120×600)- These are non-rotating graphic ads that appear at specified locations on Each can be exclusively rented by a single entity in three month cycles at a flat rate. Pricing is scaled based on average page views per cycle to reflect approximately $10 CPM (meaning your ad will be seen 1,000 times per $10 spent.) Please email for prices and availability.
  • Bilgemunky Radio is now offering on-air advertising! With more than 20,000 downloads each month (and growing), Bilgemunky Radio provides a unique and creative means of promoting your business and its products to some of the most dedicated pirate enthusiasts around.If you’re not already familiar, Bilgemunky Radio is a three hour show that streams live each Monday night and features a mix of traditional and non-traditional pirate themed music. The first two hours are relatively PG-13, with the final hour set aside for the less family-friendly pirate tunes. Both segments are then made available separately as podcasts and via iTunes (listed under “Bilgemunky Radio” and “Bilgemunky After Dark”, respectively.)We’re now offering two advertising opportunities: Direct Advertising and Bilgemunky Adventures.
    • Direct Advertising is a traditional commercial, 30 seconds to 1 minute in length. For $50, the commercial will be aired once during the two-hour broadcast.
    • Bilgemunky Adventures is a serial adventure story with 7 to 10 minute segments airing during select episodes of Bilgemunky Radio. It’s in the spirit of the old time radio pirate dramas (although in this case a comedy) and features multiple voice talent, music, sound effects, and comically heavy-handed product placement. Episodes of Bilgemunky Adventures remain available as part of the podcast, but are also distributed separately as a means of “viral” marketing so that friends can distribute the stories – and therefore your product placement – amongst themselves. For a better idea of what Bilgemunky Adventures is, you can listen to the first three episodes for yourself at:

      Episode 1: Coffeehouse Blues
      Episode 2: The Great Escape
      Episode 3: Excelsior!

      Single episodes of Bilgemunky Adventures go for $500, and a trilogy – to be aired over a series of episodes – may be sponsored for $1,300. How the product is used will be discussed in advance, but is ultimately at the discretion of the writer. However, the product will be used in a manner that is complimentary and prominently integrated into the story.

For more information regarding advertising with or to inquire about current availability, please contact us at .

Please note: We reserve the right to refuse any advertising for any reason. Bilgemunky Enterprises prides itself on only hosting ads that are of benefit to our readers as well as our advertisers. We find this generally works best for all involved. In short, if your product isn’t particularly suited to a pirate-oriented audience, we will most likely decline your business. Thank you for your understanding.

*hits based on yearly average