First Shots of BlackBeard’s Ship for PotC4

First shots are starting to pop up around the internet from the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Some of these shots are of Johnny Depp… on a beach… dressed like Jack Sparrow. Is that newsworthy? I didn’t think so either.

BUT, we also now have some shots of Blackbeard’s Ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. And I’ll be honest, it’s good to see a “real” pirate ship after two films of The Flying Dutchman and it’s ghostly “I just made out with a sea slug” look. So check it out:

Although there’s surely no historical evidence to back it up, the devil-skeleton figurehead is a fine touch as it nicely captures the tone of Blackbeard’s famous flag. What, you can’t see it in the above shot? Quit complaining and just click the link below for more.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Blackbeard’s Ship Spotted | TheHDRoom

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  1. Oderlesseye

    Eye want it in my back Yard when they are done with the movie..

  2. gunpowder gertie

    Ah- she’s in the water, then…

  3. Mad Capn Bob

    It does this ol’ pirate’s heart good to see the bonny black banner of Neddy Teach, a-flyin’ so proud over so brave a vessel…aye, an’ ye may lay to that!

    Hey, Oderless…escapin’ the Pub, are ye?

  4. Captain McCool

    What annoys me is that this USED TO be the Black Pearl! They tore her apart and rebuilt her into this monstrosity!

  5. gunpowder gertie

    Aye- now calm down MCool- hardly tore her apart- merely modified her with a false superstructure- removed her figurehead, an slapped on a bit o’ paint. I bet she’s essentially unchanged underneath, and can be back to the old Black Pearl in about the same amount o’ time as she was turned into…what exactly? Wicked Wench or Queen Anne’s Revenge? What say ye?

  6. cutthroat Chris

    A little history maties , Nov 28 1717 Edward Teach (AKA Black Beard) captured a 200 ton French Slave ship named “Concorde De Nantes” and renamed her Q.A.R. . I’m excited , hope this Black Beard is as ruthless as they say in the movie….Yaaaar!

  7. Captain McCool

    Grumble grumble grumble…

    I still theorize that our precious Pearl is gone for ever. But we’ll see…

  8. Captain Angelic

    Aye. This be a good movie yerr. Watchin’ it right now infact. Thy Queen Anne’s Revenge was a well designed ship. Still parts Layin’ round on the ocean floor I herez. I take off me hat to this splendid vessel of infamy. Let she rest in pieces on the ocean floor.

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