Bilgemunky at NorCal!

Less than one week until the Northern California Pirate Festival! This is its third year, and if the previous two are any indication I can practically guarantee that this will be one of the best events of the year – The Pirates Charles, Skip Henderson, Roving Tars, The Seadogs… loads of great, piratey vendors (no aluminum siding sales, or renfair crap), and even one of the best fair-food selections I’ve ever seen (last year I think they had organic fish tacos or something like that.) And best of all? At Saturday night’s party yours truly will be DJing live! Hope to see loads and loads of you there!

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  1. Talderoy

    Where will ye be DJ’ing

  2. Bilge (Post author)

    The City Lights Cantina in Vallejo – I believe I’ll be warming up for the Pirates Charles. 415 Virginia Street – it’s just a quarter mile from the festival grounds!

  3. Oderlesseye

    AYe And Eye ! ~ Oderlesseye will do some drinkin thar that night to be sure…Yarrrr!

  4. Dave Nichols

    Oi Bilge, I’ll bring Talderoy and the Scarlett Harlot in tow, sez I.

  5. Dave Nichols

    BTW, we might be shooting video for a POTC 4 documentary, savvy?

  6. Dave Nichols

    And another BTW, while I love Bilgemunky radio, please trust me as the former producer of American Top 40 Radio when I tell you to STOP making comments about possible tech probs as most of us are unaware of them. Really. Say no more.

  7. Blackhearted Bess

    Sounds like we’ll be havin’ quite a motley crew on hand! Can’t wait to see everybody! 🙂

  8. Mad L

    ‘organic fish tacos’??

    ye mean there be man-ones????

  9. Northbaydreamer

    You are the man the introduced me to Black Seal Rum, therefore part of the blame must rest on you for my behavior. OK, maybe not. This event is closest thing to a home faire, so I hope to meet you and buy you at least an ale,.


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