I want to die in this home theater…

Seriously, a home theater that looks like the innards of a ship! But what’s more, it has its own pirate tavern, dockside, and all sorts of other crap. Absolutely gorgeous! The only question is why hasn’t the owner hired me to DJ at his crib 24/7?

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Themed $2.5 Million Home Cinema


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  1. Oderlesseye

    Wow…Eye have a start on mine! Just need to add the Movie Screen and Projector! Harr ~ And It won’t cost me 2.5 milion
    dabloons !

  2. Jack Heavy

    Well blow me down if that don’t shiver me timbers!!!!

  3. Tad

    i WANT!

  4. "Mad Angus" Gordon

    A little slice o’ pirate heaven in the home.

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