More Evidence that Bacardi is the Choice Rum of Idiots

Full Story: Woman says man broke in, poured rum on her

Seriously, from the title I was initially worried the police would soon be knocking on my door. But then I read the story and realized I was safe, as forensic evidence would NEVER link me to a Bacardi-related crime.

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  1. Black Jack Heavy


    Now, if it were Kraken…well, them weddin’ bells would be ringin’ te be sure!!!

    Black Jack Heavy

  2. Oderlesseye

    Hey Bilge … Eye hate Bacardi too and would nauwght get caught dead with the stuff.. unless Eye was using it as a cleaner. That said..Nassau Royale is some
    great Liqueur that happens to get bottled by that same company in Nassau , the Bahamas.. It happens to make a
    tasty Grog.

  3. redtomread

    Well considering the fact that most of us are trapped in the house by this damn blizzard. I wish someone would break in and pour any sort of rum down my throat.

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