Even in the 80’s, Pirates Rocked

This is from the beginning of The Pirate Movie, a film that had many moments of awkwardness, and a very few moments of shining brilliance. This clip is one of the latter, so enjoy and be glad it’s not a ruby codpiece.

Seriously, you’ve just seen the best part of the movie. I’d say don’t bother with the rest, but then you’d miss the lightsaber battle.

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  1. gunpowder gertie

    Arr..’tis campy fun!
    And- fer those that wonder, the opening scene visuals are from the Tyrone Power movie The Black Swan- one o’ the finest pirate movies made!

  2. Pistol O'Cannon

    I thought it was one of the best movies! Watched it at least a dozen times on cable back in the 80s. Liked it so much in fact that I recorded the audio with a cassette recorder so I could listen to it. Even went and mowed lawns to get the money to buy the soundtrack (had to pay a neighbor to drive me to the mall to get it, too).

  3. Rikki Ryonheart

    I love this movie…based on Gilbert and Sullivan Pirates of Penzance which I also love.

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