Buxom Pirate Statue Stirs Up Trouble…

Since when did an overflowing treasure chest lead to controversy, I ask? It seeems that an antique store’s choice to display a large-breasted pirate statue has the local clergy up in arms.

The priest intends to visit the statue often “to pray for its removal”? Sure – we believe that. Stop hiding behind your principles and take a page from this lads book – buxom pirate lass statues were put on this earth to be embraced, not cursed!


Thanks to Michael D. for this one!

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  1. The Quartermaster

    Ya that sounds like what the Clergy would do. They have no problems saying that you will burn in “hell” in anguish as your flesh rots off you while you scream in agony.

    Show them a nice pair of cans an “OOOOH NOOO!”.

  2. RedTom Read

    I think the “clergy” is just upset because its not a statue of a scantilly clad little boy.

  3. Oderlesseye

    The Priest went home and Masterbated ha ha..!

  4. RedTom Read

    Yeah that statue probably stirred up some emotions in him he hasnt felt in quite some time.

  5. RedTom Read

    Yeah that statue probably stirred up some emotions in him he hasnt felt in quite some time. Someone should send him a copy of “pirates” as in the x-rated version.

  6. Red Beard

    But how much is she?

  7. Verdelet

    That’s real arrrrt!

  8. RedTom Read

    These things must be mass produced. They are all over Key West, and Fort Lauderdale just to name a couple.

  9. The Quartermaster

    Redbeard, If you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it.

    No seriously, you can search google for Resin Pirate Statues. They usually run between $800 – $1500 depending on what you want.

  10. Mad L

    Avast! Has that thar cergy man taken a trip t’ th’ Vatigan lately?? I do fear he may go MAD if’n he did!

    Hey, let us all invite him t’ our next Pirate Festival, I thinks a few pyrates would like t’ meet he’m!!!

  11. Capt. Foolery

    Typical of the Church. I still don’t understand why a Catholic priest feels he has any right to dictate his misguided and pathetically puritanical views of decency to a business on their property. I think the pirate statue owner should go into church and cry foul about the gory depiction of Jesus on the cross. But you see, that’s just it. The Church is terrified of sexuality and yet don’t bat an eyelash at violence in most cases. We really should all band together and wage war against those base and ridiculous sexual urges that god made us with. That’s number one on our list! What a buffoon. Pirates! Band together! Let’s storm the church and pillage and plunder, rifle and loot!

  12. "Mad" Angus Gordon

    Let them know, if thems don’t want to keep it, I will gladly take it off their hands, says I.

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