Pretty much beyond words…

While not strictly without merit, “Hook” doesn’t exactly hit the top of my list when it comes to pirate movies. However, this is pretty sweet:

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  1. Dave Nichols

    Great editing job. Now, whaddaya say, let’s bring back the Narwhals!!!

  2. Mulligan Stuuert

    OK…this little piece convinced me…I added Hook to my Netflix list and moved it almost to the top…

  3. Nick Hoffman

    I think this video may be better than the movie. But what great set design.

  4. Dave Nichols

    And what a great HOOK by Lord Tony Swatton!

  5. Jack McCool

    Man, I really liked Hook. I don’t care what anyone says. But sadly, the video looks to be deleted. And I was ever-so looking forward to it. Grrrr…

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