A Very Bilgemunky Thanksgiving

It’s been a deceptively quite month – there’s plenty of pirate news to report, and plenty of booty to review (indeed, I have a small backlog of reviews to write,) but somehow it all seems rather quiet. I think this might be sort of an “eye of the storm” thing – Talk Like a Pirate Day was the focal point of much of my summer as I made plans for the most ambitious party my household had ever thrown, and following that was something of a calm as we all began the long wait for Sid Meier’s Pirates! to complete its home stretch. (more…)

Pirates Infiltration of Mainstream Culture

Arrr, mateys – it be a true golden age of piracy!

Well, yeah, the actual golden age of piracy was in the 1600’s, but my point is that it’s still a pretty good time for us pirate enthusiasts. The public’s love affair with buccaneers, kicked off by last summer’s Pirates of the Caribbean, has maintained a surprising amount of momentum. (more…)

Bilgemunky the Hunted…

I’m getting a wee bit nervous.

Like many website owners, I carefully monitor’s web statistics. It’s always nice to know how many people are visiting my site, and if I can get some more specific data, such as geography or IP info, all the better. (more…)