Pirate Clothing and Cotume Reviews

Review: Crochet Beads & Coins Huge Triangle Hip Tie

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Dress Like a

There’s just not much out there for the girl pirate. I suppose that’s natural, since, historically speaking, those few female pirates that did exist likely dressed in men’s clothes. But what fun is that? And as for the tavern wench look – well, that’s fine if you’re content with serving drinks, but what of the more adventurous ladies?

Dress Like a Pirate has taken some initial steps to help our y-chromosome-challenged shipmates add a feminine touch to what may otherwise be bland or boyish outfits – among these is their offering of a rather splendid (and jingly) hip wrap. Made from a large triangle of shear fabric, this wrap is adorned with tiny metallic beads and an absolute ton (seems like hundreds) of metal coins which create a perpetual jingle that, while quite pleasant to the ear, will spoil any chance of being sneaky (more…)

Review: Pirate Shirt and Vest

Rating: ★★★★½

The internet is full of Jack Sparrow costumes, many of which do a fine job at capturing the basic shape and colors of his outfit. But quite often one thing is missing (besides Johnny Depp, that is.) One of the genius elements of the Jack Sparrow look is its bedraggled simplicity. The clothes looked period and well-worn. On the surface this is an obvious thing to do when designing a pirate captain, but it’s amazing how often it’s overlooked. And obvious though it may be, it’s also surprisingly hard to recreate. To make an outfit appear “period” while remaining visually interesting requires more than drab colors and old patterns – even little details such as hand-sewing, or utilizing course-woven fabric, can make a world of difference. (more…)

Review: Swashbuckler Shirt

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Dress Like a

A pirate’s success in life depends on many factors, luck and skill amongst the very top. But perhaps even more important are the tools of the trade – a captain would never seek treasure without a map, nor would the bos’n splice the mainbrace without a marlinspike and keg of rum. And in a similar vein, no dashing swashbuckler should even think of crashing the governor’s ball without his ruffles.

Whether swinging from the chandelier or merely shouting, (more…)

Review: Big Bell Swashbuckler Boots

Rating: ★★★★☆
Champion Attitude Boots

Ordering footwear online is always a scary experience, especially from a company that has no real return policy. Nonetheless I decided to take the plunge and order a pair of Champion Attitude’s Custom Big Bell Swashbuckler Boots – they looked to be some of classiest pirate boots available, and I figured a company that’s spent generations making cowboy boots probably knows what they’re doing.

Let me start off by reviewing the boots themselves – they really are top notch. The leather seems high quality and the craftsmanship is superb. The sizing was based on foot tracings I’d sent in, resulting in an almost-perfect fit (they were a little loose in the heel, but this was easily remedied with some inserts.) The break-in period was surprisingly short, especially considering the all-leather sole. All in all, these are a far cry from costume boots – these are durable and battle-ready. I could wear these every day if it were socially acceptable. (more…)

Review: Barbossa Hat

Rating: ★★★★½
Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats

A pirate needs a hat.

Really, it’s just that simple – a pirate needs a hat. It’s only a question of what kind. Some pirates may opt for the frilly, gold-trimmed variety that would seem suitable at the Governor’s ball. If that’s for you, then Captain Jack’s isn’t. But some pirates – indeed, MANY pirates – would seek a hat that’s ready for battle and pig-roast alike, a hat to protect the noggin come rain or shine, and that’ll look good while doing it. And as for the Governor’s ball? Face it mate – you’re not on the guest list. (more…)

Review: Drawstring Pirate Breeches, Sash, Bandana

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Center Stage Costumes

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve window shopped at the Center Stage website – they have probably the best variety of your pirate “basics” around – several styles of breeches and slops, along with a whole line of pirate sashes and socks. And that says nothing of their absolutely gorgeous hat collection.

The first thing (aside from their online catalogue) that impressed me about Center Stage was their willingness to answer customer questions. I know that sounds like a gimme, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed a vendor basic questions (Do you have more photos of that product? Can you give me a better description of the size of that item? etc.) only to have it fall on deaf ears – or to receive a reply that only addresses half my questions. No such concerns with Center Stage, they were more than happy to answer my questions, both via email and by phone.

What I ordered was the start of a basic pirate outfit – a pair of drawstring breeches, a sash, and a bandana. All arrived in a very timely manner, and all seemed very well made. (more…)