Pirate Playoffs 2011 at Seabeaver!

It’s the time of year again when we all vote for the Best Pirate Ever at Seabeaver! Last year’s winner was Blackbeard – this year I’m gunning for the dark horse LeChuck!

Pirate Playoffs 2011! « The Seabeaver

Vote for your favorite to see them face off against Blackbeard at the end of the battle! If your favorite isn’t in the running don’t be sad, it just means you like lame pirates.

OK, I guess you can be a little sad.


Beware the Pirates of Plagiarism!

I’ve seen a LOT of pirate themed sites over the years – and not all of them make much sense. I think there’s a vegan pirate site out there, and I believe there was even a pirates of healthcare or some such nonsense at one point. But the Pirates of Plagiarism, teaching kids what plagiarism is and why it’s wrong? That’s actually pretty clever!