2009 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition – Everybody Wins!!!

The Ministry of Rum just completed its 2009 Rum Tasting Competition, and the results are in – 41 gold medals, 17 silver, and and 5 bronze. Stiff competition indeed. Now, I wasn’t there, nor am I privy to the rules of the competion, but this sounds eerily close to the modern-day feelgoodery that outlaws dodgeball and awards every child a blue ribbon because we’re all special winners in our own special ways. Also, there is no mention of a single “loser” rum, so by all appearances bronze is as low as it goes.

So you’ll have to be the judge for yourselves – either the Ministry is a little too generous with its gold medals, or we truly are living in a golden age. Being as 3 of those golds were actually taken by Bacardi – one by Bacardi Select which I myself rated at only half a star – I’m inclined to believe the former to be more likely.

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  1. The Quartermaster

    When there’s more gold then silver and more silver then bronze… you know something retarded has just occurred.

  2. Travis

    yeah what gives with that? believe I They be need’n t’ take back aft o Th’oes and review again

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