Am I responsible for this? If so, do I take a bow or run?

A short while back I made the comment that I’d love to see a pirate version of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. Well, I don’t know if The Pirates of the Black Fleet had the same thought, or were inspired by my comments (they’ve indirectly indicated it’s the latter) and made this – a definite pirate song for the ages:

In truth, it’s really pretty good in a lot of respects. The video is loads of fun, and the music and backup vocals are pretty (black) spot on. I suppose Gunpowder Gertie channels Johnny Cash’s “speaking to the music” a tad more than Gaga’s singing, but that’s nothing a little rum can’t fix. Rum, rum, rum, RUM!!! 🙂

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  1. Black Dog Nate

    Ah, good. This means we don’t have to do it, and can concentrate on “Rock Lobster” instead.

  2. Dave Nichols

    That vid made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  3. Bilge (Post author)

    Very charitable, Dave.

  4. LaVasque the Leopard

    Dave,Hope ye tummy is now settled down!!!When me saw this Video,me lost me shot of the Kracken,me just couldn’t quit LOL–Bilge,see ye in a couple of days!!!!

  5. Ariana

    Don’t like Lady Gaga or her music at all but you guys did a great job! Drinks all around!

  6. Dave Nichols

    I feel much more better now. Cheers mates.

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