Are You For Serious? Pirates can’t be harmed by lasers :P

I’m not quite sure why every method for dealing with modern-day pirates stems from the “kinder, gentler” school of self-defense, but the latest gem is lasers that produce an “irritating” effect when aimed at the eyes. Shiver me timbers, yo.

Unthinkable – Arrrgg me eyes, anti-pirate laser developed

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  1. DangerBoy

    It seems to me we should head back to the glory days o’ dealin’ wi’ unwanted pyrates, and shoot back. A deck mounted .50 is a hell of an openin’ fer parley o’ the bangity-bang variety. Gives a bit bigger headache than a laser, too.

  2. dreadsteel

    They already invented one of those: It’s called a laser pointer.

  3. Benerson Little

    Sonic lasers (focused sound cannon) were also supposed to stop them, but have largely failed. Both devices can be defeated by proper ear or eye protection, as well as by “swarm” attacks–and the Somali pirates are well aware of this.

  4. Jim Glass

    Dunno ’bout anyone else, but when it comes to my self-defense, there is no “kinder, gentler” method. Someone’s going down, me or them. I beleive in that age old tradition of ‘an eye for an eye’, not ‘turn the other cheek’. The only thing turning the other cheek gets ya is another boot in the ass. Not saying I’m going looking for trouble, but if’n you mean to threaten me, bring your “A” game, cuz I’m bringing mine.

  5. Bilge (Post author)

    [shoots Jim in the eye with a laser and runs]

  6. Jim Glass

    Hey Bilge, ya got any of those eye patches left? Now that I’m blind in one eye from your sissy attack, I’ll need a cool way to cover my injury. Lasers… Feh. Nancy-boy…

  7. Oderlesseye

    Eye have a period anti Laser deflector… And ITS PERIOD!
    A Mirror! Let em taste thar own medicine says Eye!

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