Bilgemunky sad…

Originally I was a little grumbly that I didn’t have an X Box 360. But now I’m just all out downtrodden at not owning a Wii. Why? Because, mates, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball is now slated to come out on both of these systems. It looks hilarious, adorable, and awesome. On the X Box it will surely be a blast, but on the Wii? I can’t imagine a game more perfect for such a system. But here I am stuck with naught but a PC. No dodgeball for me, unless I find a real ninja. And a red rubber ball.

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  1. Red Bess

    I’m sorry you are sad.

    I, however, have a Wii. Woooooooohooooo! 😛

  2. The Quartermaster

    I challenge your WII, Red Bess, to a macho contest vs. my XBOX. Who will get carpel tunnel syndrome in their pistol hand first! YAAAAAAR! <3

  3. Red Bess

    *points Wii controller at Quartermaster*
    You’re on!

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