Blackbead’s: When “I Love You” Just Isn’t Enough

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That’s right, our friends at Blackbeads have released a line of pirate-themed Valentine’s Day cards just in time for (wait for it…) Valentine’s Day. Some will invoke squishy feelings in your lady love, while others might get you smacked. Of course, which is which depends on her¬†temperament, so choose carefully!

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  1. Red Beard


    You could just go to and get your very own Valentine’s Day cards for free! The newest series is finally out… They’re perfect for any scamp in your life.

  2. Oderlesseye

    “I’ve been looking for you ”

    Now that was a funny 1 .

  3. Red Beard

    My personal favorite is “Yar! Nice boobies, Valentine”.

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