Captain Harlock Movie in 2012

Assuming the Mayans don’t kill us first, there will be a Captain Harlock movie in 2012. CGI, and from the poster, AMAZING to look at. So cool, in fact, that I hesitate to post the picture here lest Wired sue me for stealing it from their site. Guess you better just click the link:

First Look: Space Pirate Captain Harlock Poster | Underwire |

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  1. Yellowbeard

    Bwa ha ha …Bugga the poster check the trailer Me Heartie…P^)>

  2. Red Beard

    Who the frock is Captain Harlock??? This better not be another anime thing…

  3. gunpowder gertie

    Haharrr! Who be them pesky Mayans? Broadside ’em I say!

  4. dreadsteel

    Red – It is. Space Captain Harlock was an anime series from ’78. I am amazed to see that 3D Harlock looks exactly as he did in the original. I am hoping for good things.

  5. LaVasque the Leopard

    Wow,ther still be some pesky Mayans;me thought that they all vanished into the jungle or that the Spainish took them as slaves;if ther be any left then they can taste the Kiss of Death with me Blade. But a cartoon pirate movie?Hmmmmmmm!!! I don’t know,oh what the hell , Pass me ther bottle of the Kracken;me would like like a Swig or two!!Au Revoir,Maties LaVasque the Leopard

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