Captain Morgan Gives Rum to Archaeologists – and not just a bottle or two

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum isn’t exactly top shelf. But, they don’t really claim to be, either. They actually seem pretty comfortable in their skin as a staple frat-party mixer rum, and for that I respect them. Fun commercials now and then as well. And now this:

Captain Morgan Rewards Archaeologists With Rum For Ocean Floor Find

That’s right – as a reward for finding the historical Morgan’s ship, Captain Morgan Rum is giving each expedition member a BARREL of their OWN BLEND of rum.


Crikes, that’s an incredibly sweet reward – and PLUS they’re offering a bonus to the first diver to recover a bottle of actual “Captain Morgan’s” rum (meaning that which at one point belonged to the man himself.) Whoever knew that hunting for sunken pirate treasure could be so lucrative?

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  1. StJason

    Man, did I get on the wrong boat! The dig I did we only got grades. We had to *pay* for it!

    …barrel of rum… *grumble*

  2. Capt. Anne Paisley

    Yeah, well, my archaeology degree only landed me a job in a library. No chance of being rewarded with a barrel of rum there. We do go out for Margarita Night once a month, though…

  3. Jared

    Wow, that is incredibly generous for a million dollar corporation… I sense a new ad campaign is on the horizon. Possibly one to rival that of Jameson or Kraken, because lets face it, Captain Morgan is a bit more historical and I don’t know… real!

  4. McChimp

    Kraken will offer a reward to the first man who brings a live giant squid to shore.

    But the Capt. does know a thing about PR.

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