Defeat the Kraken – how come no games encourage befriending the Kraken?

Risen 2, it be on its way, and we have the video to prove it. I don’t love that the female lead looks like a freshly-washed Jack Sparrow wannabe, but in most other respects I’d say this looks pretty slick. Looking forward to checking it out firsthand!

Gaming Examiner | Risen 2: Dark Waters ‘Gameplay Trailer’ rises from the murky depths.

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  1. Maureen O. Betita

    I believe in befriending the Kraken…a mighty friend to have! Is the hero beast in my books!

  2. Hungry_Gargoyle

    You can’t defeat the Kraken! It is the spawn of Cthulhu, after all. These games are just fantasy with no sense of reality.

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