“Find Yer Matey” on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Now here’s a new way to celebrate TLAPD in style – adopt a pet! If you’re near the Chicago area on September 19th, the South Suburban Humane Society is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day with an adoption event called Find Yer Matey Day! Anyone going to the shelter on that day to find their matey, dressed as, or talking like a pirate can get 50% off the adoption fee of any animal they want.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, Cap’n Slappy himself has some pet-related advice he’d like to share:

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  1. Blackhearted Jenny Barrows

    Lol, good way to get the point across. Remember to adopt from shelters! All my pets are rescues. Shelter dogs are the best dogs ever!

  2. Capt. Anne Paisley

    My kitty, Paisley, came from that very shelter in 1988. She was my soul mate kitty.

  3. Cap'n Slappy

    Aye! That’s me and me trusted Great Dane, Buddy. I got him before he went to the pound – a friend heard that the folks who had him wanted to get rid of him – and I’ve never had a better mate in me whole life! Adopt a pet! It’s a treasure that treasures you!

  4. gunpowder gertie

    Aye- all me moggies are rescues as well. Me boy cat was found tarred, in fact. A more gentler cat ye cannot find, even after that!

  5. Dave Nichols

    Don’t forget, we’l be turnin’ Captain Slappy into a eunuch this Sunday during Talk Like A Pirate Day at the Portland Pirate Festival. BE THERE!!!

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