Guyana Health Minister vs. Rum Songs

Unfortunately for the Guyana Health Minister, songs like “Please Drink in Moderation” and “How About Some Water?” have never taken off as well as the many pro-rum-guzzling songs:

The Associated Press: Guyana minister: Rum may be fun, but dont glorify

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  1. Willoughby Caught

    Then he’s REALLY NOT GOING TO LIKE my new CD… heh heh heh

  2. Black Sam Bellamy

    Sheer blasphemy!!!

  3. RedTom Read

    Flog em.

  4. Black Dog Nate

    Seriously, where can I listen to some of these Guyanese rum-drinking songs? I need them for research. And rum-drinking.

  5. LaVasque the Leopard

    Might ther Be a Rum-drinking Remix of “Poker Face” aboard this fine CD. Pass me another shot of that Rum Bottle,ye scurvy dog!!!

  6. LaVasque the Leopard

    Just another thought,maybe the Guyana,Minister of Health needs to Run the Gauntlet and then have a listen to some rum-songs and a few SWIGS with us Pirates.Then he’ll be a singing a different Tune!!

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