I Gotta Side with Bacardi on This One…

Hrmmm…  a bartender screws up his pyrotechnic drink mixing, thus burning a customer. The customer, who in this case likely has a good reason to sue, bypasses the bartender, bypasses the bar, and instead sues the rum that caught fire. I guess the bar didn’t have deep enough pockets.

Law.com – Burn Victim’s Suit Goes Forward Against Bacardi Over Bartender’s Pyrotechnics

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  1. Capt. Tom Foolery

    Rookie. What a laughable, pitiable rookie.

    I’d sue God, via the Catholic Church, for inventing fire. That really should have come with a warning label.

  2. Bullet

    i disagree with you for implying that Bacardi is actually rum.

  3. rumpiratemichael

    Aye, Bacardi has enough other things to be guilt of but the reckless use of strong rum to burn a bar and a wench…..well?!

  4. Cap'n M. Monoceros

    Aye. The barman (or woman) is the one who failed to follow the safety labels THAT ARE ON THE DAMN BOTTLE. Bacardi should countersue for defamation.

  5. The Tengu

    Well it is wet and flammable..but so is gasoline.

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