Introducing Arrrbon Credits!

All right mates – it’s time to take a break from pillagin’ and do something good. If yer like most pirates, you say “Arrr” far more than the average person. These Arrrbon Emissions build up in Earth’s atmosphere, and can lead to devistating global consequences. But you can do your part to save the planet by purchasing Arrrbon Credits – only available at! Act now and pirate responsibly. Visit’s Arrrbon Credits for details!

Comments (7)

  1. Red Beard

    “Arrrbon footprints” is just another ploy of the liberal media’s to eradicate piracy once and for all. Next thing you know they’ll be softening us by attaching our image to healthcare…

  2. Red Bess

    you never cease to amaze me…

  3. The Quartermaster

    Where’s my certificate?

  4. Jack McCool

    Heh, wow… this has to be the most out there thing you’ve dreamed up yet. I love it.

  5. ErasmusMB

    Wouldn’t the teachings of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster neccesitate Arrrbon Emissions a good thing?

  6. Bilge (Post author)

    Y’know, I wondered that same thing, Erasmus. But then I remembered that the entire premise of the CotFSM is that you shouldn’t accept religion as fact, so that goes for them as well.

  7. The Quartermaster

    Ya, well, we take a monkey’s word as fact. Does that make us better? Of course it does. At least monkey’s are real.

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