Introducing The Laffite Project

I suppose it’s the dream many of us share to discover we’re descended from pirates, and the Hix brothers seem to be making good progress in this regard. And even better, they’re gearing up so the rest of us lubbers can tag along:

I think it’s a pretty stellar video – a damned sight better than many reality shows out there. You can check out more at and Also, catch my interview with the Hix brothers on Bilgemunky Radio 153 – Xmas Time, and Lafitte’s Lineage!

Comments (4)

  1. Pearly Hawkins Hooke

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  2. Cap'n Franky

    Do I hear a ripp off of the pirates of the Caribbean song : Hes a piate in the background?

    Looks good but we all who visit this site regulary must have pirate blood in us!

  3. Red Beard

    Um. I’m a relative of Lafitte’s too. Yeah. So. Share the wealth!

  4. Oderlesseye

    God bless these guys, Eye hope they pull it off !
    Lay claim to an empty ship wreck and have to pay the state for “Environmental clean-up” Eagh eagh…
    Really Eye hope they find some Booty though it be all to necessarily a mere fantasy. Like any Pirate..Lafitte spent it!
    The Best part Eye look forward to is the unraveling story of sorting through the distorted history concerning Lafitte.

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