Man Overboard! Lend a hand?

Captain Jack, of the band Pirates of the Black Swan, recently lost his house to a fire – which we can certainly all agree is a complete bummer. Even more so when you visit the Black Swan website and see the remarkably unfortunate design choice :P. But never ones to let a little fire get them down, the pirate community is coming together to raise some coin to help Jack and his wife Mary get back on track.

FundRazr – Captain Jack & Mary

Please help out if you can. Fire is awesome when it’s prettily engulfing a Spanish galleon, but it’s much less so when it’s consumed all your worldly possessions.

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  1. Jamaica Rose

    Thanks for posting this Bilge. Yer a sweetie!

  2. Jamaica Rose

    Thanks for posting this Bilge. Yer a darlin’!

  3. PeglegStrick

    Posted this on Pyracy Pub….hope you don’t mind Mate….
    Needed to be spread

  4. Scarlett Harlott

    Thank you for reposting! I have seen the good that the pirate community can do when banded together many a time. I hope we can get the $2000 needed to help these wonderful people! <3

  5. gunpowder gertie

    looks like it’s already halfway to the goal! Keep to the course mates!
    I also reposted the link.
    and donated.
    Even if it’s only a small amount- every bit helps.

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