Michael Bolton meets Jack Sparrow

So The Lonely Island combined powers with Michael Bolton on Saturday Night Live to tribute/mock the Jack Sparrow pirate craze. Surely this must be one of the seven signs?

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  1. Red Beard

    Wow. Michael Bolton is finally…awesome.

  2. Tad

    Should check out Lonely Island “i’m on a boat” I wish Cap’n Dan could do a remix and make it better.

  3. gunpowder gertie

    This is…..

  4. Captain McCool

    Hahaha… this I think is possibly one of the best things ever. And also… worst things ever… but by that I mean, BEST things ever. Yep. I’ve been digging this for the last week, haha.
    Red’s right. I never thought I’d say this, but Michael Bolton kicks ass 😛

  5. "Mad Angus" Gordon

    Actually he was pretty funny. I particularly liked his Forrest Gump impersonation.

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