New! Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Cold Off the Press: Gosling’s Rums and Polar Beverages Unveil ‘Definitive’ Ginger Beer.

Dark&Stormies, here I come! Anyone that listens to Bilgemunky Radio know that I make no secret of my devotion to Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Not only is it cheap as hell, but it goes down pretty smooth, all things considered. And it also mixes quite well with Ginger Beer – and now they’ve gone and created their own.

I can’t wait to try the stuff.

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  1. Wooky

    Oh, sweet goodness! I need to get my hands on those cans.

  2. Brahm

    It only makes sense! It’s funny watching the cases of ginger beer slide onto the baggage claim belt after a return flight from Bermuda.

  3. K Cheney

    I had a D&S tonight (well 4 or 5 😀 ) with the Goslings Ginger beer. Fantastic. Better than Barritts.

  4. T McEntyre

    Where do can you buy Goslings Ginger Beer?

  5. Bilge (Post author)

    Beats me. I really hope to find some soon, though.

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