PotC4 to be in 3D – if this surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention

Seriously, this only barely qualifies as news. 3D is currently trendier than…

…trendier than…

…well, I don’t know, being as nobody every clues me in on what’s cool or fashionable. But 3D is up there, make no mistake. I was saying back in early April that there was no way Pirates of the Caribbean 4 would *not* be in 3D – it’s just the Disney way right now. Personally this news means little to me as I’ll just save the few bucks and see the regular 2D version. But for those of you who enjoy seeing swords and tentacles wiggled in front of your nose (I said tentacles), this must be joyous news.

BBC News – Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ‘to be made in 3D’.

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  1. Black Dog Nate

    At least they’re doing it in real 3-D instead of crappy, pointless post-production conversion. But yes, if anyone is surprised by this, they haven’t been paying attention.

  2. Oderlesseye

    What ~ Ever !

    Eye will see it in 2D..

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