The Kraken: The Simulation Application for Nautical Maneuvering

It’s all about the apps these days, and even Kraken Rum is getting in the game!

I just spent a few minutes playing it and it’s pretty fun. Just try not to spill any rum on your iPad/iPhone/iWhatever when you do a victory dance.

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  1. redtomread

    This may actually convince me to buy a cell phone.

  2. Tad

    You have an I phone?

  3. Bilge (Post author)

    I don’t have an I anything, but I was able to access an iPad to try it out.

  4. Black Dog Nate

    Is it actually beatable? The kraken goes faster than your maximum speed, and it can move straight through obstacles.

  5. Bilge (Post author)

    It’s winnable, although it took me several tries. You don’t have to outrun the kraken, you just have to avoid him long enough. So trick him into ending up ahead of you and such.

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