The Ugliest Piece of Awesome Ye’ll Ever Buy…

sideshowbeardSay what you want of Blackbeard – no on ever accused him of being pretty. And in this latest gem from Sideshow Collectibles, he’s got a face that would make even his own mother cringe. But crikey, just look at him!!!! 20 inches of pirateyness, three brace of Queen Anne Pistols (note the detailing of the pistol butts), real fabric and leather clothing – as ugly as his mug may be, the full rendering is a true thing of beauty. This figure is due to be released in the third Quarter of this year, but pre-orders are available. Only $400 – your wife will never understand, but that’s a small price to pay for owning a limited edition piece of pirattitude.

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  1. The Quartermaster

    Yaaaar! Now that is pretty sweet but still a hefty price tag.
    This little guy qualifies as Awesomesauce!

    May I quote the Munky?
    “But crikey, just look at him!!!! 20 inches of pirateyness”
    I knew it.

  2. Red Beard

    Haha… “20 inches of pirateyness” does have a lot of disgusting inuendo to it, Quartermaster.

  3. Black Sam

    400 dubloons?!?

    yer kidding me…

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