YouTube – Pirate Song

I haven’t had a chance to listen to his album yet, but methinks Tom Mason just might be one to keep an eye on…


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  1. Captn Killy

    Tom Mason is making in roads into the pirate world !
    His new album The Blue Buccaneers is fantastic and i hope he continues with another album after that .
    I’ll let Bilge review it for everyone, but in my view its very original and well worth a bottle of rum .

  2. Left-Handed Liz

    I say, truly rousing, sir. Seriously, GET THIS COVE ON BILGEMUNKY RADIO! I mean, if ‘t ain’t too much to toil fer.

  3. Captn Killy

    I forgot to mention ye can find this here treasure at The song “Throw me in the drink” gets you hopping like someone stole ye pegleg ! aye!

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