Best… Issue… EVER!

Pirates Magazine, Autumn 2008, is the best issue of Pirates Magazine – or any pirate publication for that matter – to ever grace the world with its presence. And I’ll tell you why – FIVE FLOGGIN’ PAGES ABOUT BILGEMUNKY!!!

That’s right – FIVE pages about yours truly. Cap’n Slappy, in his “Profiles in Pirattitude” feature, delved into the very depths of what makes Bilgemunky tick, and he converted his new found knowledge into glowing words and glorious pictures of ME! ALL OF ME!!!

So go to Barnes&Noble and buy this issue. Buy several. I want Pirates Magazine to know that this was their most popular issue ever. And then other magazines will write of me again and again, until someone finally makes an entire magazine that is about Bilgemunky and only Bilgemunky. Imagine – photo spreads of Bilgemunky at work and play. Bilgemunky goes to the grocery story, Bilgemunky cleans the litter box, Bilgemunky lets fame go to his head and refers to himself in the third person until he alienates everyone…

The possibilities are truly endless.

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  1. Red Beard

    5 pages is a pretty good spread. But no mention of you on the cover? Sheesh. Even Disneyland’s 1st Captain Jack was mentioned on the cover. :o)

  2. The Quartermaster

    5 pages… good times buddy.

    *gasp* Red_Beard in color! Just don’t bring any of your “meow mix”.

  3. Red Beard

    My Barnes and Nobles doesn’t appear to have a pirate section for their magazines.

  4. The Quartermaster

    Isn’t it the only color pirate magazine in circulation? Would be a very lonely place I think.

  5. Salty Peter Johnson

    That’s great, Bilge. 😉 Couldn’t happen to a scurvier Pirate… Now that I know about it, I’ll go snatch up a copy. Salute, brother! — Pete

  6. "Mad Angus" Gordon

    So……. I gather you really liked this particular issue?

  7. Dave Nichols

    Alright, perhaps we gave a few too many pages to Bilgemunky, but we couldn’t help it. He’s out best contributor of pirate swag reviews. Besides, we like the wee cockroach.

  8. Bilge (Post author)

    Too many pages? Nonsense!

    But if the term “wee cockroach” sticks, Dave, no place in the world will be safe fer ya!

  9. David

    “Five Flogging Pages”??? And a photospread?? Are you suggesting we “flog it” while admiring you ???

  10. The Quartermaster

    I gotta ask… did you get a center fold too? Eeeewwww. =P

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