“Bury Me” – Cool Music Vid from The Good Ship

Dark, creepy silhouette puppets singing about death – and it even stars Murray, the talking skull (I assume that’s him, anyways!)

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  1. RootJack

    Very cool! I’m still speculating on why the one skeleton playing the fiddle had a kilt however.

  2. Cap'n Crusty

    Poor lost pirate soul! Such a mournful lament. Only he and God know how many black marks besmirch the book of his life that now grow into stones to drag him down into the depths of Hell, and how far asunder from His Maker will he be. The deer singing the chorus was hip. Needed some monkeys.

  3. John Meyer

    Thanks Bilgemunky for posting our new vid.

    Rootjack, each character is a band member, and our fiddle player always wore a kilt on stage (sadly he recently walked the plank and is no longer with the band).

    More Good Ship goodness at http://www.thegoodship.com.au and http://www.facebook.com/thegoodship

    Fare thee well!

  4. gunpowder gertie

    This is such a wonderful technique! I thoroughly enjoyed this video!

    Oh yeah, the song’s pretty good too!

    : )

  5. the good pirate

    The Good Pirate met The Good Ship in Hobart, Awesome fun.

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