Captain Morgan Workout Video

I really gotta hand it to Captain Morgan Rum – they’re stepping up their ad campaign something fierce. The Marisa Miller fight videos pretty much rocked, and now we have this:

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  1. Cap'n Jerry

    I’m going to ‘encourage’ all me pirate mateys to embrace this exercise program before, during, and after their rations o’ rum!

  2. Mad Capn Bob

    The cap’n looks like a cross between Frank Zappa and Ron Jeremy…

  3. LaVasque the Leopard

    Aye,that would be a good idea to do those exercises after the many rations of Rhum. Mad Capn Bob,loved the comment,had me LMAO,Thaaaarrrrrr,Me Bucko.:)X

  4. Capn Jimbo's Rum Project

    I should never have visited this section, I can’t stop laughing. The best part of this video is at the end where the the “Captain” asks “What do you do”. “I’m a model”.

    And what did you do before the Captain’s workout?” “I was a model”. The “Captain” misses a beat – hilarious – then continues “Do the Captain’s workout and reach your potential”.

    Perfect. I love this section…

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