Cruise Ship Terror!

Swashbuckle has just released a brand new, high def music video on YouTube – Cruise Ship Terror. Not for the meek, I’ll warn you. Not only is this thrash metal at is angry, growly finest, but it’s also a rather brutal video. Yes, there is bloodshed – not even the poor cameraman is safe from this crew’s anti-social doings. And they also make a naughty hand gesture.

Comments (4)

  1. Dave Nichols

    Delightful. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying but who cares. Get the lead singer some contacts.

  2. RedTom Read

    They should go on tour with Alestorm. That would be the best tour ever.

  3. davy

    completely wicked. loved it, thanks!

  4. Hawk the QM

    !vv! (^.^) ?



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