Davy Jones Never Looked So Cute…

Munny Monday – Davey Jones by Mallory Carlson · ALBOTAS – A Little Bit On The Awesome Side.


It’s mean of me to publish this, because you all want one, I know. And being as they’re not available – nor will they be – you’re just up a creek. Sorry >:D

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  1. The Quartermaster

    But with your mast head… why post another self portrait?

  2. Jack McCool

    Holy crabs! While it’s definitely wicked cool, it also gives me a creepy, unsettling feeling, along the vein of Benjamin Button…

  3. Mallory Carlson

    Hey I made that! 😀 I’m Mallory Carlson. I am open for commissions if anyone is interested.

  4. Mallory Carlson

    Oh yes, my email is mcarlson701@yahoo.com if you would like to contact me 🙂

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