Fan Art: Bilgemunky Hat Pin!!!

Mad Davy Flint did me the distinct honor of crafting me this one-of-a-kind, solid silver hat pin! Sweeeeet!!! I’m hoping to break it in at NorCal this summer. See you there!

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  1. MouthyMarj

    I love it. Our Davy, he’s quite the artist! We of the POS are quite lucky to have him.

  2. Black Dog Nate


  3. Red Bess

    Very cool! Davy just raised the bar on Munky Fan Art!

  4. LaVasque the Leopard

    Quite Kool,Munky Fan Art at its Best.Let the Plunder begin!!

  5. Oderlesseye

    Eye think that is an Awesome Pin! Way to go Mad Davy!

  6. QuirkyGrrrl

    It’s FABULOUS! I can’t wait to see them (and you!)

  7. Quicksilver

    I seen it on yer hat at NorCal and it is damn fine — a most impressive piece. Ye gots style, mate!

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