Germans are AWESOME

As listeners of Bilgemunky Radio know, I was recently killed and then revived by evil Germans. But that shouldn’t reflect on the nation as a whole. Germans, in fact, have greatly contributed to society, as is clearly demonstrated by Mr. Fisto:

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  1. Blackbead

    Uhmmm . . . shouldn’t that be “UBERmunky”?

  2. Red Beard

    Was that the hit single off of Mr. Fisto’s Christmas album???

  3. redtomread

    This is quite frankly the most disturbing thing I have seen in a quite a while.

  4. Jack McCool

    Oh man, Bilge… what did that multi-genre DNA do to you?

  5. Broadside

    If you mean the lasses than I agree but if ya be meanin’ the bloke in the yellow spandex jumpsuit we obviously need to inject you with more rum

  6. Bilge (Post author)

    Actually, I was mostly referring to the spaceman outfits. I think everyone will be wearing them this season.

  7. Doglock Hawk

    I’m shocked, scared and huddled into a corner until everything blows over. =(

  8. Mad Jack Skinner

    I think it’s sexy.

  9. redtomread

    This will replace that pesky steampunk thing.

  10. Oderlesseye

    Yeah..Bilge in a space suit ….. I believe it! LOL

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