Happy Gooniversary!!!

Today (ok, yesterday. One day late, sorry) marks the 25th anniversary of The Goonies! Baby Ruth, One-Eyed Willie, Truffle Shuffle, Yarrrrr!!!

To celebrate, enjoy this deleted scene which features one of the lamest octopods of all time:

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  1. Mad Capn Bob

    Now you see…when I see the word “Goon”, I instantly think of…well, like…Neddy Seagoon, Major Bloodnok, Henry Crun, Minny Banister, Bluebottle, and of course, The Famous Eccles. I refer, of course, to the Goon Show…Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, and that professional Welshman, Harry Secombe. Oh yes, and Ray Ellington and Max Geldray…not to mention Wallace Greenslade.

  2. Mad Capn Bob

    Oh yes…and I should say…Ying tong iddle i po!

  3. RootJack

    A full day of doing the truffle shuffle complete. How did that little kid stay fat? That was a work out!

  4. Jack McCool

    Haha, nice. I have heard about this scene for years and never saw it! Admitedly, the octopus wasn’t actually as bad as I expected, from what people kept telling me. The song on the other hand…

  5. Cap'n Jake

    Seeing the actress carefully wrap herself in the tentacle made me spit up. Well deleted, I say!

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