Jameson vs. the Deep

This might be one of the greatest booze commercials ever – so much so that we’ll forgive it for not being rum. Certainly nautical, if not exactly piratey.

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  1. Doglock_Hawk

    Hahah yeah that’s good one. I can’t see your link but I have seen that commercial and it’s a good one. It’s a match up to “The most interesting man” which in turn is just a match up to “Real American Heroes” from Budweiser.

    Still good stuff. I love the crazy ones.

  2. Red Beard

    I have loved that commercial since the first day I found it. Much better than Captain Morgan’s commercials…

  3. Captain McCool

    Haha, I knew you’d have to comment on this commercial eventually. Totally brilliant!

  4. Broadside

    Still be lovin’ this commercial everytime I be seein’ it.

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