Ohmygodohmygodohmygod… !!!

El Último Blog al que Irías: Converse All Star: Mêlée Edition.

It’s Monkey Island custom shoes!


One shoe has Guybrush in a swordfight, the other portrays the night watchman of Melee Island. They don’t show what’s on the flip side of either, so I’m going to assume LeChuck in a tickle fight with Herman Toothrot on the left, and Elaine Marley in a seductive pose on the right.

So for your naysayers who thought Monkey Island was dead, EAT IT!

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  1. Red Beard

    Those shoes look awesome! I wouldn’t have the heart to wear them, though…because the artwork would get damaged.

  2. McChimp

    Those shoes belong in a museum

  3. The Quartermaster

    YES! YES! YES, these are definitely screams of pleasure. Don’t get bashful on me now pirate nation.

    Am I to understand that LeChuck is featured of a pair of Chucks?


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