Pirate Math

So I was thinking…


Pirate+Ninja=Navy Seal


Pirate+Santa Claus=The Gordon Fisherman

([Pirate/Train Conductor]^Chimney Sweep)+([Synchronized Swimmer/Scuba Instructor]^The Cryptkeeper)=Zombie Hobo Ballerina


The beauty of mathematics is everywhere, if you only know how to look 🙂

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  1. MasterMib
  2. Benerson Little

    Naturally I agree completely with your math, especially pirate + ninja. I had to get my daughters to explain the more complicated equation…

  3. Oderlesseye

    Blank + Blank = Bilge monkey

    Blank x Bilge monkey
    ————————– = ?

  4. Doglock Hawk

    I have to agree with Bilge.

    Hobo + Tricorn = Pirate

    Pirate + Rhyme = Meteorologist

    Pirate / Shark = Peg Leg

    Pirate – Pirate + Camera = Disney Film

    Pirate + Hooker = BLF >:D

    Pirate – Manly stature = Bilgemunky

    Nerd + Rum – Vomit = Redbeard

    Doglock > Bilgemunky

    It’s like I’m a drunken mathemetician of some kind.

  5. Bilge (Post author)

    I’d retaliate, but it’s not necessary. After all, you haven’t heard what I said about you during last night’s Bilgemunky Radio yet >:)

  6. Doglock Hawk

    Damn it! You know how to hook peoples to your podcast alright.

  7. Doglock Hawk

    Damn both iTunes and Podcastalley. Neither have updated!

  8. Oderlesseye

    Harr harrr now that all was funny! Thanx fer the laugh! Haurl~

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