Unifire Anti-Pirate Water Cannons




Oh my, it’s just so beautiful. I want one, and then I want a boat, and then I want pirates to try and board so that I can use the damned thing.

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  1. Red Beard

    Oh my God. I want one for the river.

  2. Anthony Fanning

    We’ve got something very similar atop our fire engine, although it’s not remote controlled; a Monsoon Task Force Tip. Quite impressive when it’s fired up … it can throw 2000 gallons per minute about 100 yards.

  3. Capt T

    Water? Against Pirates? Whose bright idea is this?
    Bah, any good pirate worth the name would laugh at this, and fire his guns anyhow.

  4. Roger J

    Capt T: Have you ever been hit by 5000 liters of water at 10 bars of pressure? It’ll not only sink your boat in seconds, but it will throw you into the ocean at tremendous velocity. I dare you to try gaining access to a ship armed with one of these bad boys!

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