Yo ho, yo ho…beauty and a bottle of rum?

Yo ho, yo ho…beauty and a bottle of rum?

The Examiner recently posted this article about all the various beauty products out there that are rum-based. Not that this would come as a surprise to anyone that’s met me – I bathe in rum daily, which is why my skin is so radient. My healthy teeth and gums are a direct result of mixing rum into my toothpaste, and my youthful appearance can be chocked up to weekly rum injections directly into my cheekbones. Botox ain’t got nothin’ on rum!

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  1. Doglock Hawk

    So you finally have that excuse you’ve been looking for to wear make up!

    Grats buddy, grats.

  2. Capt. Paisley

    Wait, I read the article and it does have useful information: July is National Rum Month. Bilge, you didn’t tell us! Or is it just that every month is Rum month…

  3. Doglock Hawk

    I’ll say that it’s the latter. Similar to the belief that Pirate Day is indeed every day. Yar

  4. Red Bess

    I have known for many years that rum makes your beautiful. If I give a guy enough rum, he’ll think I’m damn near gorgeous!

  5. Mulligan Stuuert

    Put enuff rum in me and I start lookin good…even to me!!!

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