It Would Be Awkward

Wheaton Franciscan Brown Deer Campus Campaign

This was a unique project. The client had already bought into a concept long before I was brought onboard—and it wasn’t a particularly strong one. So it fell to me to take the idea of doctors following patients around in public to illustrate how convenient their services were. The challenge was twofold—it wasn’t really very truthful (indeed, they did NOT offer checkups in the grocery checkout aisle); and if it were truthful, it might be sort of awkward. So I took this second problem and made it the comical basis for the campaign. A slight rewrite of the headline, some fun pictures of doctors being a little too convenient for comfort, and now the campaign was ready for the real world.

Client: Landmark Credit Union
Agency: Jigsaw
My Role: Copywriter, Concepting
Creative Director: Dave Hanneken
Art Director: Beki Gonzalez